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24.950 + € 2.500 for transportation

Methods of payment by bank transfer (40% upfront, 40% at the fixtures assembly, 20% to delivery)

CANALETTO – tiny house on wheels

Canaletto is the 21 sqm prefabricated mobile home completely made in Italy by Casaecolegno. Comfy and comfortable, it is available in different colors and outdoor finishing and it is supplied with a complete furnishing.
Canaletto is an accommodation suited to all seasons thanks to the insulating layer of the walls. The meticulous manufacure of the Casaecolegno’s expert constructors gives back Canaletto totally safe and anti-seismic.

At the seaside, in the mountains, at the lake or in the countryside, the Canaletto mobile home can be exploited for its versatility, simple and essential but well-tended spaces.

The mobile home is registered and provided by a licence plate for the road traffic. Furnished with IKEA furniture, and the interiors are all customizable with 10 different combinations.

An innovative and totally autonomous product with water tanks, and the possibility to connect it directly to the home network.

Ideal for camping, B & B, for holidays, to add up to 6 beds.
Positionable on all terrains.

It moves easily by towing it with a medium-sized vehicle.


Canaletto será entregada directamente al comprador listo para ser habitada.

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